Hip Hop Beats, High Conversions.

Beats365 Members can download hundreds of Tracks, Beats, Instrumentals, Hundreds of Sound effectsNature SoundsInstrument Sounds and More, anytime they want, as well as market their music to record labels, distributors, and license individual tracks and music that Champ Entertainment creates and posts on Beats365. An affordable one-time fee will apply in order for you to become a member, it is quick, easy and powerful.

Neb, Thank you for everything you have done by providing up&coming artists like us with such high-caliber beats in a package as your Beats365 database. Im releasing 20 songs all beats by you and also looking forward to the updates. Ill be forwarding you a copy of the new album this spring as soon as it’s released. Again, thanks and your beats are straight fire.JD

Beats365 Member

The difference between us, and them:
Lifetime access for one fee? Absolutely You have to pay for every beat or monthly
How many beats? 1000 MB of beats! -That’s 24 hours of instrumentals. You will have 15 cd’s full of hundreds of over-the-top sick ass beats. 5 MB of beats -100 beats if you are lucky.
All styles? Every style imaginable!

39 Genres of my hottest beats ever.

No where near 39 genres.
Downloadable? You can download every instrumental I have produced once you are a member of Beats365. Streamable only.
Quality? The beats are absolutely bananas. Unoriginal and boring.
Personal contact? Hit me up! I hang out with my members all day. Never!
Are you really musicians? Professional studio producer for 20 years. Stolen or they had software put the beats together.