Paleoque – Learn Bbq Paleo & Keto Style From 8x Grand Champ

Paleo Recipes infos bonuses.

Introducing PaleoQue… Now you can be eating like a Homo Sapien and not a Neanderthal. Learn paleo style BBQ from an 8x Grand Champ, Bill Anderson (a World renowned BBQ expert with a cave full of trophies to prove it).
Weight Loss will be easy and FUN when you are cooking & eating your own competition quality BBQ…

But Wait – There’s More! Five extra FREE bonuses included with every order…

paleo basics

Navigating the Paleo Diet – If you don’t know the “basics” of Paleo dieting, then this
is your reference manual. It tells you all about the paleo diet and what you can and can not eat.

The Paleo Blueprint – Again, this useful eBook goes into the details of paleo fundamentals, history, health
benefits, tips, and what you are allowed to eat and why.

paleo recipes

Paleo Recipes to Keep You in Shape – This is a basic collection of delicious paleo recipes
without all the fluff about paleo dieting. Just recipes like paleo pancakes, paleo chips, Broccoli and Pine-Nut Soup, Cinnamon Chicken Recipe, and more.

paleo workouts

Working Out When On Paleo Diet – Some basic tips on getting some healthy exercise geared
toward paleo dieters.

paleo diet tweak

The Diet Tweak System – Burn an Extra 500 Calories Every Day… this is some useful
info! Little tips about how you can burn an extra 500 calories every day just by making some small changes in the way you do things. Every little bit helps!