Premium Lightroom Presets

Here at Exposure Empire we offer many different packs of presets that make it fast and easy to edit your photos in Lightroom. If you love saving time, getting amazing results with your photos, and saving money, our Lightroom Presets bundle is for you! With the bundle you get ALL of our Lightroom presets at a great price.

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Preview of Pastel Lightroom Preset

Preview of Cross Processed Lightroom Preset

With this presets bundle you’ll get 546 Lightroom presets to use with your photos, and you’ll save 94%! Best of all, with these presets you can save countless hours of your valuable time, and you’ll love the results.


Preview of Split Toning Lightroom Preset

Preview of Black & White Lightroom Preset

Purchasing the bundle is a one-time payment. There are no recurring fees or membership payments.

Here is a quick preview of all of the preset packs that we offer (they are all included in this bundle).