Read Ledger Line Notes – Fast!

Many music and piano students find it hard enough to learn the notes of the bass and treble staves (or staffs).

Read Ledger Line Notes

But suddenly they find themselves face to face with a

whole new problem. To go beyond the elementary or beginner’s level and start playing really nice piano pieces at more challenging level, students must be able to read “Ledger Line Notes”.

Ledger line notes are those notes found above and below the treble and bass staves. Here are some examples of ledger line notes on the treble staff and the bass staff:

read ledger line notes diagram

Ledger line notes (they are colored red in this diagram)Up, up and away!

Like all music and piano students, you will naturally feel relieved when you have finally learnt the 21 music notes on the bass and treble staves, and you will be keen to begin playing music and entertaining your family and friends.

But then you will become aware that there are a host of ledger line notes that you also need to know. There are literally dozens of ledger line notes; and they seem to go right up into the heavens… and down into the basement!

Your music teacher will insist that it is VITAL for you to be able to read the ledger line notes — or be forever RESTRICTED to playing just beginner-level music on the 21 notes of the bass and treble staves.

But you will no doubt answer: “How will I EVER be able to learn all these extra notes?”


What is the solution?

I have been a piano teacher for over 30 years. My students have always had problems with ledger line notes. I have surveyed all the piano teaching books, courses and ebooks on the market, and frankly, not one of them really helped my students read ledger line notes in a quick, systematic way that was also fun.

Most music courses expected students to just learn the ledger line notes by heart.

Some used really complicated memory aids, which somehow seemed to make the task of learning these extra notes even worse.

Some music courses suggested four different memory aids for working out the notes that are above the staves. And if you wanted to work out notes that were below the staves, they got you to say the memory aids backwards! Aaargh!


wanted a book or course that would:

  • Make reading ledger line notes fun — instead of a chore
  • Actually show you how to read, simply and easily, all the ledger line notes on a standard 88 white note piano

Then I discovered a powerful new technique that really helped my students read their ledger line notes.