Record Label Business Plan 2.016 + Music And Entertainment Contracts!

There are two types of musicians.

The one who spends his evenings writing songs, (when he is not to tired
from working all day at his real job) and possibly even records an
album or two. This musician lives on the idea that one day, one of his
songs that he pesters his facebook friends with, will all of a sudden
magically go viral online, and he will end up on all the TV talk shows.
From there he will be signed to a label, and the business end of things
will be handled by hundreds of people who will be ready to wait on him
hand and foot.

Then there’s the serious musician who plans to go into the business of
selling records, and intends to make a full time living out of
it. This Music Entrepreneur realizes that he needs a Business Plan.But
not just any Business Plan, he needs a plan that is tailored toward the
Music Industry as it is today.

The Record Label Business Plan has been for many years an
essential tool for thousands of serious music entrepreneurs who decided
to take their music serious, and to the next level by starting to plan
their next big step into the music business either for themselves as an
artist, or by discovering and developing other artists.

It’s time to get SERIOUS with the Record Label Business Plan!

Have a look at some of the components included!